Strategic Consulting & Innovation

Established in 2004 in London, ‘GPE’ advises on property transactions, and commercial debt and equity solutions for all forms of property transactions internationally.


Working with a varied range of lending institutions, from Private Equity firms, Family Offices, to mainstream lenders, GPE can assist in packaging and presentation of transactions, through to an introduction to suitable commercial lenders in order to assist in raising suitable funding.


GPE is also active in the property market, sourcing, acquiring, managing and developing residential and mixed use property related projects, not only throughout the UK and Europe, but internationally.


GPE typically works on transactions that involve property, including investment, development, portfolio construction, refinance of transactions, option funding, etc. 


GPE has assisted clients working on numerous property and property focused transactions.

 Areas of interest

While focusing on property related transactions, GPE also looks at trading businesses, and start-up transactions.

Projects will be reviewed on their own merits, and would encourage interested parties to get in touch to discuss.


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